Why Grooming by professional trainers


Dogs need to learn to deal with stress but if you start by throwing them in pool they may only learn that they don't like getting wet! They have to be helped and they need people who read stress signs and know when the haircut is not the most important thing. We are trainers first that means we understand that sometimes a dog needs to hear the clippers at a distance before we come towards them, they might need a minute to get used to the idea of being on the table or having their head held up in the loop. 

Fantastic Grooming Services



Just because we are trainers first doesn't mean we don't take fine grooming seriously. Our head groomer is one of the best in the city! She was trained at an elite school for grooming in the art of grooming for professional dog shows. 


Fantastic Grooming Products!



 We use the highest quality products Iv San Bernard products from Italy and America.   Iv San Bernard just became the very first cosmetic/grooming aid product line to be certified by the Safe Pet 


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