Getting a Puppy

Don’t worry - WE CAN HELP



We can can help with everything from helping you pick the right breed of puppy to even the right puppy within that breed. For a fee we will scour the earth in search of a breeder who breeds for just the right kind of traits you are interested in. You may want a Chocolate Lab but you may not want one that was bred for hunting. You also want to make sure that the breeder you pick knows how to breed responsibly and fairly taking into consideration the health testing of both parents searching for genetic predispositions to disease and other types of weakness.

Puppies need to be contained



You wouldn’t bring a toddler home and set it on the floor and walk off to make dinner.  They get into trouble if you can’t keep an eye on them. We don’t want them to learn to have accidents on the floor so we have to take them out regularly and watch them closely. You also will need breaks from the puppy so he or she should have a crate to rest in and know that is what the crate is for.

Puppies need to play



How they play is very important. You need to consider what your life style is like. If you want a nice calm dog you may not want to play tug with them every time you see them. If you have children who run, you may not want them loose when your children are running around.  It’s cute when little puppies run with children not so cute in about 4 weeks when that same puppy is jumping up and biting the children while they run. It’s also not cute when in about 12 more weeks they are knocking children down and biting at them.

Puppies need training



Dogs can and will train themselves if you don’t train them. On our agenda is Come, Sit, Down,  Place, Heel, Stay and Off. On their training agenda is Chew the chair leg, Tear open a couch pillow, Get food off of the counter, Chew …well everything.

Puppies need to potty (A LOT)



An eight week old puppy goes potty about every 20 to 30 minutes. Many people have learned the hard way that if you punish puppy for going in the house they will become afraid to potty in front of you outside too. Now the only choice they have is to hide from you when they have to go.

Puppies need to sleep (and so do you)



Where will they sleep? If they sleep with you, do you think you will be sleeping after they have an accident in your bed? What about when you go to work will they cry and destroy things after you leave?