Pet Dog Training in Omaha

On Leash Board and Train


The Basic Board and Train Program is 3 weeks long. We teach the basic commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Come, Off and Place. Please call for pricing.

Off Leash Board and Train

Dogs having fun

Off Leash, Board and Train is 6 weeks long. Off Leash guarantees the same commands as the On Leash program. Please call for pricing information.

In-Home Training


We can also come right to you. Private training is a great way to clean up a few simple behavior issues, or put you on a path for self training.

Family Dog Program


We have a family program! We can work with the whole family for your family dog. We teach safe handling by your children and an enjoyable dog for Moms and Dads!

Custom Training


We can address all kinds of behavioral issues: digging, chewing, jumping, nipping. Please call today to get custom training to fit your budget.

Behavior Modification


We treat aggression and reaction issues.  Your dogs want to be happy, not freaked out and angry. It's just good pet dog training in Omaha!