Master Trainer - Steve Watts

Some of Steve's first memories as a child are running and playing with every type of animal a boy from a simple family could dream of;  surrounded by canines, felines, and a variety of  farm animals. Growing up, Steve's parents bred huskies, Australian shepherds, and rabbits. This love for animals was passed down from Steve's grandparents, to his parent's, to him making this a multi-generational passion.   From this humble upbringing, Steve fostered a love and passion for animals that is unprecedented.  They considered their animals an extension of his family. 

As Steve grew older, his passion for animal care and training continued to grow into a career. Inspired by his grandmother, who was known for her passionate love for her family and beautiful embroidery, had a Dr. Doolittle (like) approach and always seemed like she was communicating with her animals. Steve would say, "she could always speak to her dogs, often without saying a word."  Steve's family and specifically his grandmother, are the biggest inspiration for Steve's dedication to excellence in the field of dog training .  Fidelity K9  has vowed to continue this tradition of excellence.